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My GNU/Linux powered Arcade Cabinet!

It's some time since I built my Linux + MAME powered arcade machine and it is now just another part of my home! I've decided to rebuild the pages to better show its development. Please bear with me as I get my web on! The project began as an attempt to get a decent set of arcade controls built to play Defender on my Debian home machine. The game worked perfectly on MAME but it was difficult to operate on the keyboard: separate keys for up, down, reverse, thrust, fire, smartbomb and hyperspace. Not really an authentic Defender experience I think you'll agree! I started off with the "Defender-board", an old PS2 keyboard with all the keys removed except those needed to play Defender. Then I worked for some time on modifying by mounting a simple up/down joystick that pressed the corresponding keys. After a few weeks of experimenting I decided it was worth investing in a proper microswitch joystick and since I was going to invest money as well as time, I may as well make a proper job of it and make a joystick and button layout that I could play many different games on.
And this is where my documented images begin... I've linked the old pages here but if you find any broken links on these pages just return to this page to read on...
Page 1 - Thursday 26 January 2006 - Controls for MAME - keyboard controllers

Page 2 - Monday 27 February 2006 - A neat new keyboard controller and we get stuck in with some back-street woodworking!

Page 3 - Sunday 12 March 2006 - After spending a weekend woodworking out in the snow, we're up and running, but by no means finished!

Page 4 - Saturday 25 March 2006 - A new panel for the cabinet

Page 5 - Sunday 09 April 2006 - Playstation2-to-USB adapter and Frozen-Bubble!

Page 6 - Sunday 14 May 2006 - another rewire job, key-ghosting, key-masking, and key-blocking!

Page 7 - Saturday 26 May 2007 - a year later?!!! LugRadio Live 2007 approaches - more cool stuff to do

Page 8 - Friday 29 June 2007 - more woodwork, PC case destruction, doors and more paint

Here I am on stage at LugRadio Live 2006 - using the big screen to show the action and taking requests from the audience for the classic games they'd like to see!